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Best Flooring Types for your Kitchen

Everybody wants a nice and spacious kitchen. In fact, this could be the selling point of your property. The kitchen is one of the most functional areas in your house. It only makes sense to make a few upgrades for your own comfort and convenience.

One of the things most homeowners forget when renovating their kitchen is the flooring. They usually focus on other details like adding more cabinets or installing wall shelves. Upgrading your kitchen flooring can definitely highlight the best features of your home. To help you decide, here are some resilient kitchen floorings available:


Rubber flooring has become a popular option among homeowners. This is because it’s easier to maintain than wood. This type of flooring is usually available in sheets. To achieve better results, you may also look for laminate flooring services.


This is the best option if you’re aiming for traditional look. It is available in different colours, patterns, and textures. The only problem with this flooring is they can easily get scratched and dented.  The best remedy for this is to apply a protective layer of wax or polyurethane. Cork flooring can definitely give your kitchen a fresh and distinct look.


This is another popular option among homeowners. This is mainly because it’s more affordable than any other materials. The best thing about vinyl is the number of designs available. Use bolder colours if you’re looking for an elegant look. You can also lay out different patters to mix and match the overall design of your home.  The only downside of this flooring is it requires more maintenance than any other types. You need to clean them regularly to remove the stains.


A well-crafted wooden floor can give your kitchen that vintage look. This provides warmth, character and value to your interior. If you’re looking for more durable option, choose engineered wood floors. They can resist moist and provides more stability.

There are many other options available in the market. To achieve your goals, hire an interior designer. These professionals can make sure you’re in the right track.



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