5 Minutes of Peace With Your Name on It

Imagine settling down in a big comfy arm chair with a great big dallas cowboys vintage los angeles dodgers t shirt of something warm, comforting and satisfying and knowing you got that dallas cowboys vintage los angeles dodgers t shirt from someone you care about deeply. Most of us have a favourite dallas cowboys vintage los angeles dodgers t shirt at home, it might be because it’s bigger than the rest, has a cherished design, was a gift from a friend or best of all because it is personalised.

Drinks always taste better out of a dallas cowboys vintage los angeles dodgers t shirt that was given to you as a gift. So, if you’re looking for a gift for someone’s birthday or as a present on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day consider personalised mugs. Really, personalised mugs make great gifts for a few reasons. For one, they are absolutely great to come home to, for that dreamy, relaxing cuppa after work.

They’re also practical in the office where you’ll only have to wash up one dallas cowboys vintage los angeles dodgers t shirt if it has your name on it and they’re brilliant for creating special, personal gifts. You can put anything you like into personalised mugs and then give them to people for all kinds of celebrations. If you were looking for the perfect gift for a gardener, for example, you could get a gardening themed personalised dallas cowboys vintage los angeles dodgers t shirt and put a pair of secateurs in it then wrap it in see-through cellophane, finished with a ribbon bow!

In fact, with personalised mugs you can make cheap and cheerful, yet very personal gifts for anyone, pack a dallas cowboys vintage los angeles dodgers t shirt with chocolates for a chocoholic, or fill it with bath beads for those who love a long soak in the bath. Whatever you want to give your friends and whatever the celebration personalised mugs can easily be incorporated as an affordable part of the present.

Tea Drinkers

You’ve got a lot of choice of beverages to drink from personalised mugs but the most popular in the UK must be tea. Each day in the UK, we drink in excess of 165 million cuppas. That’s a lot of tea. Supposing every single person in the UK liked tea (and in reality there are plenty of people who don’t) that’s 2.5 cups of tea drunk by each of us, every single day.

We don’t have statistics for how many of those teas are drunk out of personalised mugs but we reckon it’s probably a few! In the whole world the UK is not that big a player though because according to statistics released by the Tea Industry Forum the UK only accounts for 6 of the world’s whole consumption of tea. When you consider what a teeny collection of small islands the UK is that’s nothing short of tea-tastic. In the whole world 2,750,000,000 cups of tea are drunk every day.

Types of Tea

There are thousands of different types of tea in the world but the main commercial types are black tea (the type we have with milk here in the UK), green tea which is popular in China and also gaining popularity here, Oolong Tea which is another popular Chinese tea (some people think it aids weight loss) and white tea which is very young and picked before the buds have fully opened.

There’s a big difference between flavoured tea and herbal tea too, because flavoured tea is usually black tea with other flavours added to it such as essential oils or dried herbs and herbal teas don’t actually contain any tea at all! They are just made of dried flowers, herbs, seeds and roots.

Healthy Tea

Recently, the health benefits of tea have been something many journalists have been focusing on in the press and it’s true that tea does contain antioxidants which can reduce the risk of cancer. One study even showed that the risk of ovarian cancer could be reduced by 46 percent in those women who drank a lot of it. That’s a good reason for buying all your friends personalised mugs! Perhaps they’ll drink more and get healthier!

Tea contains about half the caffeine found in coffee but it still contains enough to give you a light buzz and caffeine is a naturally occurring drug which has been shown to promote weight loss, so you could lose a few pounds by drinking tea too, provided you skip the sugar!

According to some studies you’d need to skip the milk as well though because milk proteins lower the amount of catechins (health giving chemicals which help to dilate blood vessels) in the tea, making its cancer and disease fighting properties less effective.

write by Derek

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