A Celebration Of Coffee Through Music

Lyrics about coffee are included in many musical genres and types of songs. Musicians, artists, composers and other creative people enjoy drinking coffee as much as anyone else.

Due to the late night life style that many artistic people have, it is not surprising to learn how many of them rely on the caffeine buzz to work long hours and stay up into the early dawn. Lyrics about coffee are present in hip-hop, hip-hop soul, electro hop, psychedelic rock, alternative adult music, funk, punk,, mainstream rock, rock, folk rock, disco, freestyle rap, rhythm, blues, and just about every other music genre in between.

Most of these genres are popular, at first, primarily with young consumers. As their talent and musical experience develops, musicians retain many of their early musical styles and integrate them into other musical genres. The result is new sounds and more lyrics about coffee that reach different audiences and continue to celebrate the beans through music. Following are some examples:

You’re Missing by Bruce Springsteen: This song was released by Bruce Springsteen in 2002 in response to the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Springsteen is from Monmouth county, NJ, which suffered the loss of 158 people on 9/11. The song was inspired by conversations with widows whose husbands perished when the twin towers collapsed. It is a beautiful and sad song that keeps the memory of this tragic day alive in people’s memories. Lyrics include “…everything is missing…coffee cups on the counter…”

5 Cups of Coffee by The Jayhawks: An American alternative country and rock band from the Twin Cities music scene of the 1980’s. Lyrics in the song include “…and the long black dream is over as the snow falls on and on and it takes five cups of coffee to calm down before I sleep…”

Intergalactic by Beastie Boys: The song Intergalactic is a Grammy-winning song by this American hip-hop group. The lyrics of this song released in 1998 include “…when it comes to beats well I’m a fiend… I like my sugar with coffee and cream…” The music video with this song focuses on a giant robot causing destruction by fighting a giant octopus-headed creature. Guess which one drinks coffee?

Scenes From A Coffee House by Blessid Union Of Souls: A contemporary American rock band from Morrow, OH, led by Jeff Pence and Elliot Sloan. Interestingly, the band’s name was inspired from a television episode of MASH. Lyrics in this song include “…I remember Sunday afternoon at Kaldi’s…I was never really down with coffee shops…”

Meet Virginia by Train (Patrick Monahan from Erie, PA): Rock, mainstream rock and adult alternative type music. This is a fun and comical song inspired by a friend of the songwriter who liked to tell tall tales that became part of the songs. Lyrics in the song Meet Virginia include “…she only drinks coffee at midnight…When the moment is not right…Her timing is quite unusual…”

Afternoons by Crash Test Dummies: A Canadian folk rock/alternative rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their famous 1993 single was entitled Mmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmm. Lyrics in this song include: ‘…Afternoons will be measured out. Measured out. Measured with coffee spoons and T.S. Eliot…”

Lua by Bright Eyes: A band with a high musician turnover. However, Bright Eyes has been the primary songwriting vehicle for Conor Oberst, from Nebraska, a prolific and talented musician who attracted attention when he was 14 years old. Lyrics in the song Lua include “…When everything is lonely I can be my own best friend. Get a coffee and the paper. Have my own conversations…”

Coffee Shop by Red Hot Chili Peppers: An American rock band formed in Los Angeles, CA, in 1983. The group’s musical style is a combination of funk, punk and psychedelic rock. Lyrics in this song include “…Meet me at the coffee shop. We can dance like Iggy Pop. Another go in the parking lot…”

The list of coffee songs is endless. Would one of these be your favorite to listen to while drinking a cup of coffee, reading a book or just pondering about what else to do in the next few hours or minutes? A Lonesome Cup of Coffee by Mel Torme. Coffee Break by Forever The Sickest Kids. Acid Coffee by Sundown Park. Apple Pie and Coffee by Jerry Clower. Black Coffee in Bed by Squeeze. Coffee by Aesop Rock. Coffee and TV by Blur. Black Coffee by Black Flag. Cigarettes & Coffee by Otis Redding. Coffee Club by Spandau Ballet. Coffee Mug by The Descendents. Coffee’s for Closers by Fall Out Boy. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee by The Cranberries. One More Cup of Coffee by Bob Dylan. Sugar in my Coffee by Ginger Leigh. Everyday Is A Winding Road by Sheryl Crow… among many others!

With all this musical talk, what about having a great cup of Cherry Vanilla flavored gourmet coffee or Chocolate Cinnamon Hazelnut flavored coffee?

write by victor young

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