By Small and Simple Ideas The Eating Area Will Stay Clean

When I was younger my mother had a rule for our kitchen each person was allowed a single los angeles dodgers t shirt . That los angeles dodgers t shirt was their drinking vessel for all their beverage needs, unless we were eating dinner. It cut down on the amount of dishes my mother had to do. Living with room mates in college I saw the wisdom of her rule. We probably went through all of the cups in the apartment every two days. If we didn’t do the dishes daily, there would be none left to use. For some the solution is to just buy more. But when you live with limited storage space, that doesn’t really work that well. Plus to simplify is always the best choice. There are a few things that you can do to keep your kitchen organized neatly, and functionally. 

Having each person use a single los angeles dodgers t shirt or cup through the day may seem restrictive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many choices for mugs out there. I mean personalized original mugs. You can get a coffee los angeles dodgers t shirt , thick and ceramic, painted any color, or with the emblem of your favorite team or franchise on there. If you are a world traveler bring back a los angeles dodgers t shirt from your favorite exotic get away. You can go on a road trip as a family, and tell the kids that their job is to get a los angeles dodgers t shirt on that trip. Perhaps one will get it at Lego world, another will choose the cat head los angeles dodgers t shirt . Your husband will get the ever persistent football los angeles dodgers t shirt , and your daughter will buy hers at Disneyland. You could get themed mugs for the whole clan. Go to M&M world, and get Yellow M&M for Dad, Green for your daughter, Red for your son. You may love Pixar’s ingenious Incredibles, look hard enough, they’ll be there. 

Another thing you can do to simplify your kitchen mess, is purchase plastic drawers for your pantry. You can organize it in all sorts of pleasing and functional ways. Organize your paper and plastic kitchenware into drawers, keep table cloths and rags in another. You can put your plastic baggies, saran wrap, tin foil, and other various items into drawers. If you are young and just starting to organize a kitchen get plates that are all the same size and shape. If they stack closely together you can keep more, and it looks more organized. Purchase glasses that fit stacking on top of each other. Separate spoons and spatulas from knives and silverware. 

Food on shelves and in cupboards is best when rotated. Always put new cans and boxes in the back and move the old ones forward, this way you don’t run into rotten food, or have accidents, keeping the food rotating also means all you have to do is glance in your cupboards and you can know what exactly you may need to buy at the store. Keeping homes and kitchens organized isn’t hard, it just takes a little time and attention at the beginning. But if you put in the right amount of effort you’ll be pleased with the results. With an organized home, things just go easier. All the lessons I learned from my mother- isn’t it great that it started with the rule of the coffee los angeles dodgers t shirt . 

write by Azura

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