Concord Kobe Bryant Shoes

The Nike Zoom Kobe VI was first dropped into the sneaker world in late 2010. This shoe, the third model in the hugely popular Kobe Bryant signature sneaker line, was released as a low-cut basketball shoe. Although identical in cut, the Kobe VI was not identical in appearance to the previous Kobe’s. The Kobe VI was released with a scaly snakeskin textured upper. The reptilian look of the shoe representated the “Black Mamba” perfectly. Many sneakerheads, including yours truly, were very skeptical. It seemed to us, that this new upper was simply a gimmick….or so we thought.

One of the first colorways the skeptical sneakerheads I run with saw drop, was dubbed “Concord”. The upper was all white and featured a black Swoosh. The scaly texture of this upper really popped and many skeptics were already second guessing themselves. In addition to the snakeskin textured upper, the shoe featured purple on the midsole, heel cage, inner lining, and the Kobe logo. Pearl white leather was used on the tongue tip and the heel portion of the outsole. Like the Kobe IV and Kobe V, Nike flywire was used in the construction of the upper to provide ultimate lightweight stability that Kobe Bryant new york yankees hawaiian shirt have become renown for.

In the past, Nike has initially dropped a pretty tame, primarily one colored model when releasing a Kobe Bryant shoe. This was the case with the Kobe VI “Concord”. Perhaps this was done to showcase the innovative technology that Nike continues to excel at. Or, perhaps it is was done to test the market a get a sense of what colorways would sell. Regardless, it is safe to say that the Kobe VI “Concord” quieted the skeptics. And made them believers in the process.

After the basic colorways that dropped in white, black, and purple; the Kobe VI preceded to assault our senses in a variety of multi-colored uppers. Candy apple green, eggplant, bright orange, yellow, and a grey-mauve color were all featured on the upper of the shoe. As a former skeptic, I had to say that the scaly snakeskin never looked so good! The “Grinch”, “Chaos”, “Sunset”, and “China” editions of this Kobe shoe will go down in history as the most unique, creative visual designs ever seen on a basketball shoe.

Colorways aside, what truly makes the Kobe VI one of the best Nike new york yankees hawaiian shirt for basketball is the technology used in the construction. The moldable upper, Flywire in the side panels, and Nike Air units in the forefoot and heel portions of the sole make this the most cushioned, lightweight, high performance low-cut basketball shoe on the market.

The Kobe VI was an excellent addition to the line of Kobe Bryant new york yankees hawaiian shirt . I, like a large number of sneakerheads will admit to that now. I am a true believer.

write by Cadell

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