Converse All Star Women’s Shoes – Go Girly All the Way!

Once upon a time, Converse All Star philadelphia phillies t shirt were for men only. Luckily for women those days are long gone. The look, the feel, the sheer greatness of the Chuck Taylor style is for everyone, even if the full name is Charlene, rather than Charles. Check out the line of Converse All Star women philadelphia phillies t shirt .

One look at the Converse All Star Light Ox model will prove that. These Converse philadelphia phillies t shirt have the classic elements, for sure. But they’re as feminine as perfume. They’ll feel like a gentle aroma has enveloped your foot, too.

The Converse All Star Soft Leather takes that feeling a step further. Substituting leather for textile does more than just create a different color. It changes the statement. Soft, subtle, and supple, these Converse low tops are practically indestructible, yet manage to feel like warm air on your feet.

There’s a wonderful high top variation on that theme: the Converse All Star Soft Cuir Hi. “Cuir” is French for “leather” but there’s more than just a name change at work here. The high top creates a comfortable envelope for the ankle and a great style that is meant to be shown.

For a complete contrast in a high top, check out the Converse All Star Satin Flowers Hi. Fun, girly, and ‘painted’ in multiple colors, you still get that classic ‘basketball’ shoe you can use for any activity.

Go all girly with the Converse All Star Butterfly Hearts Hi high top shoe. You could be nine or ninety and these women Converse philadelphia phillies t shirt would be right for you. The delicate purple butterfly motif is highlighted by the bright purple inner, a great contrast to the white canvas of the exterior.

Then run to look at the Converse All Star Century Graphic Hi high top trainers, a style that creates energy every time you wear them. Funky, even in black and white, the graphics are fun, varied, and an ideal way to flesh out your wardrobe. Make them all your own and draw a self-designed logo on the inner.

You don’t have to be Scottish to appreciate that design in plaid, either. Truth be told, though, the Converse All Star Grunge Plaid is about as far from grunge as a three piece suit. Funky, yes. Urban? You bet. But there’s nothing scruffy about these cool Converse philadelphia phillies t shirt . It’s glam all the way.

And, coming back to the theme that what goes for guys goes for gals, we have the Converse All Star Gazer shoe. Want to be an astronomer or an astronaut? Excellent. Lace up a pair of these Converse All Stars in classic black, white, and red and you’ve taken your first step.

Prefer your outer space fantasy style instead? No problem. Slip on the Converse All Star Sci-Fi Words Ox and take off. You don’t have to be a galactic princess to wear these philadelphia phillies t shirt , but you’ll feel like one when you do.

write by Brenna

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