Custom Hand-Painted T-Shirts – Now Wear Your Favorite Music Band

The idea of hand-painting T-shirts has long existed as a great way to revamp plain, old garments. There is a range of options right from abstract designs, images and picturesque scenes. With the development of technology and with more talented people entering the field, artists are now attempting caricatures, portraits and human figures.

But hand painting, not to forget on fabric, is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires skill, finesse and a steady hand that only a trained and experienced artist can offer. If you are considering designing a garment for yourself, you should let the artists handle it for you.

Hand-painting vs. Printing

Most of us refer to the two as the same thing, but they are not and the names make the distinction quite obvious. There are a different ways in which one can add a design to any garment. It includes methods such as dying, spray painting, hand painting and printing. Screen printing has been around for quite some time, in fact, earlier than most of us believe. It makes use of stencils and fill blades (squeegee) to transfer printable material onto a fabric canvas. Hand-painted designs on the other hand are done by hand.

Works of art painted by hand are adorable and exclusive because they are done by hand and not by machines. The good thing about it is they are not mass-produced. Although designs can be replicated, no two designs done by hand will be the same.

Corporate firms and institutions were among the firsts to use personalized T -shirts. It features the company logo and mission statements. Now-a-days, they are being used as an affective medium in social causes. To add, hand-painted T-shirts inspired by sports teams, music bands, television shows and movies characters are the rage in the fashion industry.

Ordering Hand-painted T-shirts Online

The online market is one of the best places to get catwalk couture-like garments at a fraction of the cost. There are several stores online that specialize in hand-painting T-shirts for customers.

When you place an order, you can buy predesigned, ready-to-wear T-shirts such as a Rolling Stones T- viking shirts and hoodies or a Pink Floyd T- viking shirts and hoodies or you can choose a T- viking shirts and hoodies and have it customized to your tastes. You can ask for it to be customized with pictures and text of your choice. Along with colors and sizes, you can select from a range of T- viking shirts and hoodies styles including regulars, polo shirts, hoodies and ringer tees. Cotton and cotton blends are the best materials as they ensure the paint does not crack or peel.

T-shirts are sent out as soon as they are completed. In most cases, customers are provided with tracking IDs to know the whereabouts of the merchandise while it is in transit.

Personalized T-shirts are a fun way to express oneself and make a style statement. So, if you are a die-hard fan of Pink Floyd, Bob Marley or The Beatles, you can now show your affinity by not just listening to their musical pieces, but also giving them a place in your closet.

write by Thomas Kyles

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