Designer Baby Clothes For Boys and Girls

Designer baby clothes for boys and girls are very much in demand as the result of the many celebrities now getting into the parenthood act and of the many would-be parents who are leaving it later before producing their firstborn with the result that, when they do give birth to their first child they have more money available to splash out on the best of everything.

There is a wide selection of designer baby clothes for boys and girls out there, not just the major names such as Baby Dior and Versace Young. A particular favorite is the designer, Toby Pimlico whose range of baby garments feature cheeky slogans and whose prices are not too way-out: around US$32.00 for a little T- philadelphia phillies houston astros cheaters shirt .

A lovely little grey marl baby-grow with yellow binding from Toby Pimlico can be picked up for a mere US$41.00: made from beautifully soft cotton with long sleeves to keep your baby warm in cooler weather, it features the text ‘I Blame the Parents’ in yellow text across the bodice.

You can, of course, pick up a Dior baby-grow, complete with Dior logo, in pink and white for little girls: these are available from the retail outlet online, Village for US$88.00 or, for the little boy in your life – navy blue dungarees from Dior, for US$205.00.

London is the location of designer baby clothes for boys and girls’ retailer, Sasti, that sells Bobux and Go-Go Gear while The Cross, not too far away, is another haunt of the rich and famous purchasing designer baby clothes for boys and girls, or little garments to give as presents to their expectant friends.

Sasti can be found at Notting Hill, London, just off Portobello Road. The designs stocked by this retailer are noted for hard wearing, fun clothes in bright colors and, of all the charming little garments this store stocks, my own favorite has to be the owl slippers.

This pair of suedette slippers with cotton jersey lining are machine washable and feature the face of an owl on the front of each of the slippers – a pair to fit a toddler of 18 months old would cost US$28.00.

Of course, if you’re famous with money and you can’t find the designer baby clothes for boys and girls that you specifically want – you can always start your own store. That’s what Tico Torres from the Bon Jovi rock band did a few years ago when he launched ‘Rockstarbaby’.

This store sells a wide range of designer baby clothes for boys and girls from tiny leather jackets to little sneakers and unusual designs on the ubiquitous baby-grows. Then, of course, there is baby knitwear inspired by Stella Tennant which is available in Burberry stores worldwide and designer baby clothes for boys known as Sean John and available from T-shirts here are available from US$25.00.

write by Justin Fernandes

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