Expecting at Halloween? – Consider These Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas

The moment you begin your pregnancy, everything is changing: your body, your clothes size, even your looks. However that does not mean you have to miss out on your beloved holidays, like Halloween. Being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t able to dress up. Whether or not you are purchasing your Halloween costume or making it on your own, you can have fun. There are lots of costumes you can buy for couples or just for yourself. The pregnancy couple could possibly want to go as a baker and an oven, or an egg and bacon bit. Both costumes can be really cute and imaginative, you can even make them at home if you chose too.

If you want to get really creative you can make your own costumes, here are a few pregnant Halloween costume ideas that you can make just using your belly and normal clothes:

The eyeball – This is something husbands will delight in helping out with. All you need is a little facial paint and black clothes. This is something even a person that can’t draw can have a little bit of fun with. Wear all black clothes on Halloween and paint your tummy white, make the center of the eye whatever color you want and don’t fail to remember the crimson blood vessels. Make it scary or sweet, whatever fits your desire. Have a bit of fun and show off that stomach by keeping the veteran st louis cardinals polo up or dress in a veteran st louis cardinals polo that displays your abdomen. Husbands will a kick out of this one and be excited that he got to do the artwork.

The pumpkin – If you would like to dress up fully but not stand out, try going as a human pumpkin. Put on a little green cap or make one out of felt and all orange, if you can cut a slit in your top for your stomach to stand out. Now, paint it orange and decorate your pumpkin.

The pea – This is another rather simple Halloween costume you can make and stay warm. Go find some green jeans or sweats and a green new york yankees hoodie . Keep the veteran st louis cardinals polo up or cut a hole in it to make your little pod stand out and paint it all green.

Sports ball – If you aren’t feeling up to having a full body costume, you could always just paint the belly and proudly show it off. After all, how frequently will you will you be pregnant? Think of anything that is spherical: basketball, volleyball, soccer ball, a bowling ball, etc

The not-so traditional witch – Don’t forget witches were mothers too, so if you have always dressed as a witch for Halloween you don’t have to get rid of the custom. This year go as a pregnant witch or maybe a witch holding a pumpkin. Use that belly!

A Bun in the oven – Get a moderate or small box, cut it out so that you can wear it over your shoulders. Make room for your head to slip through. Embellish it with paints like an oven. Cut open the front of the box so that it will open and close. On the exterior of the box write, “Bun in the Oven.” Paint your tummy a light beige for all to see the little baby bun.

There you have it: six different and fantastic pregnant Halloween costume ideas. The fall season is a fun time of year and unless you are not in good health, you might possibly have a tricky time choosing a solid reason why you should not show up at at the very least one Halloween bash to enjoy with your friends or co-workers even though you may be pregnant that time of year. Your new body won’t stay that way forever, so take advantage of the moment and be creative.

write by Piper

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