Gearing Up For a Fancy Dress Party

At times it is so tough to decide what to wear to your friend’s fancy dress party. But there are so many dresses that you need not sweat about it. Just make sure that the dress you choose is really a show – stopper and one that will make heads turn. The whole idea of a fancy dress party is to allow your imagination to run wild and come up with those unique costumes which you would only dream of wearing in a trial room for fun. Always choose bright and vibrant colors that highlight the color of your skin tone.

Many a times fancy dress parties are theme based, so it solves your problem of racking your brains for a costume. How ever if there is no theme specified, then allow your imagination to get the better of you, especially if you are the shy yet imaginative type. Go with the flow and pick your favorite dress, be it from the medieval period, the Elizabethan period or Victorian. Of course, in this kind of a period dress your will find yourself being tightly bound in a corset, so think twice before you settle for a dress from this era of cancans and frills.

A lot will depend on the season in which the fancy dress has to be worn. Wearing a long silk gown during the peak of summer is definitely not a very comfortable idea. You could try wearing on of your favorite Hollywood actor or actress’ costume, like a long flowing gown, a short but glamorous evening dress or a tuxedo for men. In case you like Bollywood actors and actresses, then you choice automatically increases to a newer range to choose from. Try wearing the six yard Indian sari or the salwar kameez, which ever takes your fancy. And do remember to apply make up befitting an actress on screen.

If you are a water lover, you could try on a scuba diving or even the bay watch life guard costume or a mermaid’s costume. A Hawaiian dress with the floral wreaths and garlands would make a beautiful and colorful costume too. You could opt for a completely informal look with a colorful skirt and blouse or shorts and a fancy print st louis cardinals chicago bears hawaiian shirt for men. Try the sea pirate costume. It would definitely make you stand out among the milieu. The doctor and nurse dresses are a bit out – dated but nevertheless still a hit among many.

Fairy tale characters are always a big hit with everyone at a fancy dress party. You could go as Robin Hood or Red Riding Hood or better still Cinderella or Snow White, the Tin Soldier or even a goblin. There are so many fairy tale characters to choose from. You could try being an alien from outer space or Superman or Batman too. You could go dressed up as a student and bring back memories of the good old school days for everyone at the fancy dress party too.

write by Nolan

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