Hanes Brands – A Great Example of Market Driven Innovation

One of the most popular American clothing (rào chắn ban công) manufacturers is Hanes, and for good reason. Hanes produces underwear, socks, sleep ware, intimate apparel and casual clothing (rào chắn ban công) for children, men and women. Since the inception of the company in 1901, they have stressed quality and value, as well as innovation. These values have served them and their customers well and it is easy to see why Hanes is currently one of the fastest-growing clothing (rào chắn ban công) brands in the nation. Their products are comfortable, and economical, while still being fashionable.

A perfect example of their commitment to innovation is the Hanes Comfort Toe Seam. This patented sewing technology was created in response to the major complaints people had about socks. People were frustrated with socks that irritated their feet, bunched up in their dallas cowboys polo shirt and were just plain uncomfortable after being worn for a while. Hanes’ Comfort Toe Seam eliminated all these problems by creating a smoother, flatter seam in the sock. This reduced the bulk of the sock, making it more comfortable, but it also eliminated the tendency for the seam to cause the sock to move down the leg and get bunched up inside the shoe. So less irritation, more comfort and, even with active little kids, the socks will stay in place. This innovation was so successful that Hanes now uses the technology on their entire sock line. With developments like this that address real customer concerns the growth and dominance of the Hanes brand shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Another great example of Hanes innovations is the tagless T-Shirt. Hanes listened to their customers complaints about the scratchiness of tags on the lower neck and came up with an entire product line of tagless items. Instead of having a bulky tag, the tag information is now just imprinted on the inside of the new york yankees detroit tigers deer hunting shirt . A simple change, but as a result of listening to their customers, Hanes improved the product line.

Not satisfied with that, Hanes also added more features to their products like ComfortSoft construction using ultra-soft cotton that has been specifically manufactured to improve softness. The T-Shirts are also pre-shrunk so they stay true to size, even after washing. Originally used in T-Shirts, this material is now found in many Hanes products and led to the development of the Comfort Flex underwear waistband.

Possibly the best example of innovation on the part of the Hanes company is the creation of an entire division just to cater to the needs of screen printing companies that create custom imprinted T-Shirts for company marketing and other uses. Hanes specifically created the Beefy T line of new york yankees detroit tigers deer hunting shirt to provide these companies with a rugged new york yankees detroit tigers deer hunting shirt in an array of colors and sizes to fit the needs of the screening companies. This has been so successful that other products, like sweatshirts, were also specifically made for screen printing.

While it may seem that most companies that are as old as the Hanes company inevitable stagnate and flounder due to their inefficient management or lack of attention to the marketplace, Hanes has shown that this is not necessarily the case. One of the oldest clothing (rào chắn ban công) manufacturers, it is also one of the leaders in innovation and responsiveness to the marketplace. It is obvious why they are so successful and they show no signs of stopping now.

write by Vera

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