Hen Night Christmas Party

Winter is on its way and I was thinking about something to make my man’s eyes shine for Christmas. A few days ago, I was looking for a red piece of clothing (lưới an toàn cầu thang) to renew my Christmas wardrobe. For those days, especially on Christmas Eve, I wear some comfy clothes, maybe something red, to get in the spirit. While searching the web, I ran into some interesting offers that totally changed my perception about a holiday outfit.

I remember my mom wearing a nice home made philadelphia phillies t shirt and I used to get dressed in a pair of jeans along with some red blouse that was supposed to cheer me and turn me into a spontaneous Santa. Those days are gone, but when Christmas comes, it finds me in some trousers of any kind and a red item. I guess being a good girl is not that complicated.

Well, this year the good girl is about to tear down the image of trousers-and-something-red appearance. I’m attending a hen’s night just before Christmas and I’m going to enjoy it at maximum. Speaking to the bride the other day, we agreed to wear some sexy Santa outfits. Let me get that clear to you: a group of partying girls, all dressed in Christmas fancy dresses! You wouldn’t miss that, would you?

Some of us, more conservative, will wear hats, but don’t let yourself get fooled. If you see a Christmas cook hat, it will mean that someone is preparing a great meal with lots of interesting dishes. The rest of the outfits will include gloves with fur trim, some sexy red and white striped over the knee stockings. There is no Santa without an Elf, right? A green, sexy costume will be spotted at the bar, too. Dressing up is something that all girls like so why would this night be any different?

I know it sounds like a naughty girls’ convention, but the bride-to-be has only one hen’s night so it is a must to make it memorable. If you happen to pass by the location, you may notice some Santa girls having a lot of fun. A hen night is very special for each woman this is why taking pictures is a must. You will have lots of laughs when you will look through the album later.

Now that I told you about my surprise for this year, I guess it’s time to look for some mistletoe. Only one of us is getting married, remember?

write by Thekla

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