How to Prepare For First Communion

A First Communion for your child is a big event in his life, no matter what denomination or faith your family happens to embrace, whether Catholic or Protestant. For a Christian, you are celebrating the Lord’s Death, Burial, and Resurrection. It is the ultimate symbolic act of identifying with Christ’s redemptive work on the cross. Catholics, in fact, revere Holy Communion so much that they believe that once the bread and wine–or grape juice, as the case may be–is in your body–it becomes the body and blood of Jesus.

In any event, teach your child that the wafer used in the Holy Communion represents the Body of our Lord, while the wine, or grape juice represents the Blood, which He shed for the remission and forgiveness of all sins. According to 1 Cor 11: 24, we are to do this in remembrance of Christ.

Thus, any plan for preparing a child (or yourself) for a First Communion must include an understanding of how serious the event is. You can explain to your child, for instance, that just as our bodies need physical food, our souls need spiritual food, and the Holy Communion is that sustenance that God offers for our spirits. As the Belief Net website points out, have your child think of Communion as food for the soul.

Also, have him think of Communion as a gathering, a chance to fellowship with friends. Have him think of a having a king, or the President, as a dear friend, and that friend has invited them to spend time with him. Point out to them that Jesus calls us friends, as long as we continue to obey Him (John 15: 17). Certainly, part of that obedience is continuing to celebrate Communion. This way, you are conditioning your child to see Communion–or the Eucharist–not only as a one-time event, but the beginning of something that he will value and observe for a lifetime.

Another way to prepare your child for his First Communion is to have him practice appropriate behavior early, before the church that you attend deems him ready to partake in his first communion. Have a strict rule that he is to sit still in church, and pay attention to the service. Point out that there will be consequences if he doesn’t. If he is in practice of doing this, the concept of reverence during the actual Communion won’t be strange to him. Tell him that this is the House of God and not the playground. He is to respect the pastor, the sanctuary, and the church.

Moreover, practice with your child the ceremony as it is done in your church. Whether it’s Catholic, Protestant, or Pentecostal, your local church has a protocol. For instance, if, according to your church’s tradition, the celebrant–the priest, rector or pastor leading the service–says, “The Body and Blood of our Lord,” and the one receiving the Communion says, “Blessed be the Name of our Lord,” pretend you are the celebrant. Say to him, “The Body and Blood of our Lord,” and have him cup his hand to receive and say, “Blessed be the Name of our Lord.” Then teach him to listen to the celebrant’s directive to eat, and to follow everyone he sees.

In addition, become familiar with the protocol of First Communion as it’s practiced in your church, particularly when it comes to dress code. Make sure he has the proper clothing (lưới an toàn ban công), for instance, whether it’s a white suit and a tie (or for a daughter, a white dress) and black or white deer hunting hoodie , or whatever. And invest in a camera–perhaps an inexpensive, disposable one–at the dollar store, or a Family Dollar store. Remember, a First Communion happens only once!

Also, before the time of that First Communion, let him see you receiving the bread and the wine, and giving thanks. For the bottom line is that the best way to teach is by example. If your child sees that it’s important to you, then it will be significant to him.

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