Making Gift Baskets – How to Pick a Theme

A gift basket is a unique and meaningful gift that EVERYONE loves to receive. There are literally hundreds of themes to pick from when designing a gift basket. It’s best to start by putting together a plan.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to even start. Particularly if you’ve never done it before or you’re just not the creative type. But it doesn’t have to be complicated, so no worries just let your creative juices flow and have a little fun while you create a beautiful gift.

You really just have to have to know a few things about the recipient to decide on an appropriate theme. So start with a few simple questions and build from there.

1) Who is the gift for?

A friend or a relative? Business associate, a business customer, your kid’s teacher? A gift basket is a suitable gift for anyone and everyone loves to get them.

2) What is the occasion for the gift?

Birthday, anniversary, graduation, thank you, congratulations, a gift basket is appropriate for any and all occasions. Often the theme of the gift basket can be based on the occasion for the gift.

3) How old is the recipient?

Is it an adult or a child? Specifically what is the age? Obviously you would not put the same type of gifts in a basket for a young child as you would for a young adult or someone that is elderly.

4) What special interests if any do they have?

Hobbies, sports activity, gardener, cook? This is the easiest place to start when deciding on a theme for a gift basket. Everything from the container to the gifts and decorations of the basket can revolve around just a hobby or sport that the receiver is into.

5) Any specific likes or dislikes? – This one is important you don’t want to give someone something they won’t enjoy receiving. Of course this goes both ways if you know of something specific that the recipient really likes then you would want to include that in the basket or even build the entire gift around that item. A certain food item, particular drink, etc.

If you are making a basket of food gifts it is wise to find out if there are any allergies to consider.

6) And lastly of course you have to decide on a budget for the whole project. Often part of the reason to make a gift basket for someone is so that we can save a little money on the gift. So this too is an important thing to take into account when putting this gift together.

Once you’ve answered these questions you have some of the info you need to decide what your gift basket theme will be and from there you will be able to figure out if you will be using a basket or an other container, as well as the size, shape and color of the basket. From there you will decide on what to put in the basket. Once you have put your basket together you can decide on how to put the final touches on with simple decorations to add color, fill in spaces, and tie the look of the gift basket together.

Here are a couple of examples of simple and inexpensive themes that are always popular.

Wine and cheese — Wine, Cheese, Salami, Crackers, a piece of fruit, a few pieces of individually wrapped chocolates.

Chocolate — An assortment of chocolate related items. Candies, cookies, hot chocolate mixes, etc.

Coffee & Tea – Assorted coffees and teas, a nice coffee los angeles clippers t shirt , tea biscuits a few biscotti. Whatever other misc goodies you can think of for your coffee or tea lover.

So these are the basics of how to choose a theme for the gift basket you are either making yourself, or are having made by someone else.

Most importantly remember that giving a gift is about the joy and reward of giving. With that in mind it is easy to create a beautiful gift that whomever you are making it for will adore and cherish.

Happy gifting!

write by lopez

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