Perfect Easter Bunny Costume

Come Easter and you will find people jostled up with Easter celebrations. People moving hither and thither from one shop to the other are a common scenario pre Easter. Exclusive outfits are in great demand at this hour. Amongst the list of these outfits Easter costume holds a significant position. An Easter bunny outfit works well for both the genders. The Easter Bunny is like the counterpart of Santa Claus, who is believed to bring in gifts for the children on the Christmas Eve. Bunny Halloween costumes are chiefly based on the image of rabbit.

Easter is the perfect time to dress up your kids with Easter costume. These outfits look cute and gorgeous on kids. Bunny costumes for kids come in a variety of design as well as style and are usually based on a gentle and adorable theme. You’ll also get bunny costumes for toddlers, older kids, girls boys as well as grown ups. They are available in gray, pink, and blue and cream.

Bunny costumes for women are based on the seductive and loving theme. Apart from Easter celebrations, women also prefer wearing these outfits for fancy parties. You may also wear them at family gatherings. The fabric may either be soft furry material or Lycra. Wearing a complete bunny suit or may be a mascot costume is more comfortable when compared to the other designs. They outfits work well for those residing in a warm climatic zone. Men can go in for playboy bunny costume. They may also go in for conventional white bunny suit that comprises of big floppy ears and fur.

If you want to save a couple of dollars on your Easter shopping, then you can make your own Easter costume. For coming up with your own outfits you’ll need- white new york yankees t shirt , white sweatpants, fiber fill, white craft felt (one yard), pink craft felt (one yard), double sided fusible, embroidery needle, pink embroidery floss, headband, pipe cleaners, white yarn and cardboard. You will also need grease paint for drawing whiskers as well as pink bunny nose for giving the final touch to your outfit.

Whether you are interested to dress up as the egg delivery bunny or may want to go in for a simple suit for an Easter party you can choose from a variety of Easter bunny costumes. Just make sure that the bunny costume you go in for gets along with your personality and the event you will be wearing it to.

write by Donna

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