Proud to Be Greek

In recent years, there has been an increase in the amount of people attending school. This could be due to a bad economy or because of other factors. Regardless of the reason, there are more students filling into the Greek chapter houses becoming our newest sorority and fraternity members. Like any proud member of a club, group or organization Greek gear is highly popular. Everyone wants to wear their Greek hoodies and custom t-shirts to be noticed and to say that they are proud of the organization they belong to.

While Greek letter shirts have been popular since the inception of fraternity and sorority houses, Greek hoodies and paraphernalia are fairly new to the types of things that you can buy with your Greek letters on it. During this cold season, there is nothing better than a nice warm viking hoodie to help keep you warm. To make it better, you can have your Greek letters screen printed on them in whatever style suits you best. You can choose from a variety of different letter styles, letters, stitching, stitch color and the type of letters that will be going on your viking shirts . To ensure that you love it before you buy it, you even get to see a preview of what it is going to look like before you pay and have it shipped to you.

Unlike never before, there is a whole line of accessories and paraphernalia that you can purchase with your letters. Everything from picture frames, key chains, travel mugs, water bottles, jewelry, notepads and even paddles. These will help turn your dorm room from a traditional dorm to a Greek wonderland. You can personalize them however you like so they are uniquely yours while still showing off your sorority pride. You won’t ever have to worry about losing your car in a crowded parking lot after you’ve plastered the bumper and window in stickers with your Greek house letters. With so many items that you can choose from, you will have the option of creating a whole Greek world around you so that you can show everyone how proud you are of your sorority or fraternity, their accomplishments and your membership.

Of course, for those that don’t like to wear their Greek letter shirts and hoodies out in public, there are several other ways that you can go Greek without having to rub it in everyone’s face. Purchasing other Greek merchandise such as bed sheets, shower curtains, backpacks, throw blankets or towels will give you the chance to still claim you’re Greek without being over the top and in everyone’s face with it. After all, the original purpose of wearing Greek letter shirts was to show ownership and pride, not to show off like a peacock to everyone that walks by.

No matter what sorority you come from or which Greek letters you would like to make up on a piece of clothing (luưới an toàn), or other merchandise, there are several options awaiting you. You will be more than pleased with your Greek gear that you’ve made personal for you.

write by Eric Scott

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