Silver, Gold and Crystals, Oh My

Classic rockers like Elton John and now even big time rappers use jewelry to show off their high-class status and add a refined and sophisticated edge to their already shinning looks. And just think about how it works. People not only talk and talk about the latest diamond encrusted watch donned on the wrist of Jamie Fox, they save for months then run out and buy the first replica they can find. Talk about a loyal fan base. Create your own loyal fan base with a promotional product campaign that includes a hot and new industry product, jewelry.

Jewelry can communicate a number of different messages depending on everything from the color, weight and design of the piece to the environment, time of the year and culture. For example, a simple silver band with the diamond plopped on top, in the United Sates given around the notorious February 14th date pretty much means the man wants to get hitched. But a simple silver bracelet with a charm logoed and engraved with your brand given as a part of an event gift bag, can communicate appreciation, gratitude and higher profits.

In the promotional products industry, professionals constantly look for new ways to enhance their marketing campaigns as well as reach and influence the target audience. Choosing a personalized and classy piece of jewelry can help increase the usage and impress your audience into patronizing your company time after time. A study done by the Promotional Products Association International revealed that 52 percent of people who received a promotional product in the last 12 months did business with the advertiser on the product. This means that the recipient kept and used the product on a frequent basis.

Now think of that product as a piece of jewelry. With the correct piece and design, the audience is likely to use the product daily and in turn conduct business with your company. Jewelry, unlike some other products in the industry, represents an evergreen product which can be used constantly throughout the year. Also, current statistics from the PPAI study also show that 35 percent of people who have received a promotional product keep it for at least 2 years. This too shows that promotional products already have a great shelf-life and that using jewelry can potentially up that time span by months and even years.

Since using jewelry as promotional product can really impress and reach your target, you want to know the right time and way to use them. Including a piece of jewelry in an everyday promotional program to raise awareness might make too much of an opening statement, but events and parties, however, represent a great avenue in which to dress up your audience. It brings a sense of class and sophistication to your brand and company. Jewelry can make a bolder statement then a T- new york yankees t shirt or even champagne flute, which in turn creates a significantly more positive opinion of the your company and a higher likelihood of patronizing your business on a more consistent basis.

So at your next event or promotional party, add some more sparkle with a good piece of promotional jewelry. It will not only get used more frequently and kept for a longer amount of time; it will attract the attention of your audience. It will make them feel elite, special and truly appreciated. Transform your audience from the loyal fan base that follows the trendy music artists into the trend setters.

write by Lysandra

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