Specialist Outdoor Clothing

Most people choose to wear specialist outdoor clothing (cáp an toàn) if they are taking part in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. Specialist clothes are also useful for those involved in activities carried out in extreme conditions such as military operations in the desert or snow.

These clothes range from items like specially designed jackets, sweaters, vests, trousers and shirts. They are made in such a way as to provide comfort in difficult conditions. This article will highlight some of the key benefits of specialist outdoor apparel.

1. Making Sure You Stay Dry in Wet Conditions

When engaging in outdoor activities it is important to stay dry for two reasons. The first reason is of course comfort. Trekking and climbing is particularly unpleasant if your clothes are wet or damp. Specialist outdoor trousers and jackets often have waterproof linings, storm flaps and hoods to keep the rain out.

The other important reason for trying to stay dry is to make sure that you don’t lose too much body heat. It is possible to buy special jackets and trousers that are waterproof whilst still allowing your skin to breathe so that it doesn’t become too sweaty.

2. Protecting Your Skin

Padding in the right places is essential when engaging in activities like climbing where you could easily trip and injure yourself. Specialist outdoor clothes often have shoulder, elbow and knee padding and are made from reinforced materials to prevent skin chafing.

3. Maintaining Your Thermal Equilibrium

When you are climbing or hiking you don’t want to waste precious energy trying to stay warm. Specialist outdoor clothes are made to maintain your thermal equilibrium. These items can range from actual clothes with extra linings and wind resistant designs to sleeping bags with special features that keep your body at the right temperature in the coldest – and warmest -conditions.

write by Gabriel

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