Mystic Inlet

So here I was this morning. I’d finished my morning rituals at the Cloistered Closet, my 4th floor studio apartment, and was reminded of the homework task my shamanistic teacher had given me. I was to mingle with nature and earth daily.

It was early and rather chilly, but I put on my super-sized bathing suit under my shorts and hooded red-white-and blue cincinnati bengals t shirt and headed out for the Lake. Anticipation started fluttering in my breast. I passed my favorite cabin with the fern and moss covered roof that happens only in the Northwestern woods. I knew I was nearing the Lake and beyond it the Harbor. And beyond that the Cove. I live to reach the Cove most days. It’s become the place I return to because I desire to. There’s something very powerful about free-will choices. It’s intoxicating and creates the vitality needed for Life lesson encounters.

Something was different about today related to my recent seduction with Tears and Fears. Well, I put it out of my head and kept walking down my path. I’d gone a bit too far down the road. I’d just slightly passed the way I use to get to the Cove. I was turning around when I spied an overgrown archway. I grew curious. My core started to enlarge. My second Chakra started humming. I grew alert and attentive as my senses all heightened like a deer as she approaches the meadow.

My feet hit something hard. I looked down and there in this undergrowth was a set of ancient stone steps. I followed them. They opened into a secluded inlet off the Cove. It didn’t look like anyone had traveled this path for centuries. The underbrush was thick, but there were so many fat ripe blackberries bombarding me I began to grow gentle and soft in pleasure. All my senses were being attacked by awe and pleasure in Nature and Earth. Alongside the inlet lay that Field I’d heard about where ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing don’t exist.

I took off my new york yankees cincinnati bengals t shirt and socks and went barefoot in the dew laden clover. My travels led me deep into peace and conversations with Nature and Earth. They spoke Truth. I listened. They led me to the water’s edge. Water Lilies were everywhere unobstructed by reeds or any signs of humanity. As I stood there hesitating, trying to decide where to put my notions and preconceived ideas down… a magnificent dragonfly zoomed by me.

He caught my attention because of his astounding color and grace. He was neon royal blue. His body looked like an enameled-beaded barrette. He had two sets of humming-bird gossamer wings. His head was three times the size of his body. Although he could not flex his head, his immense eyes did the talking for him. He darted like a minuscule helicopter back and forth, in and out, near and far in my aura. He was blatantly seizing me up. He had much to tell me. He kept meeting me at eye level and just hovering into a dead standstill in front of me.

I could feel that telepathy area above my left eye temple start to glow and nag at me like it does when someone is trying to talk with me in mental telepathy genre. Dragonfly somehow, without words, was putting his thoughts into my conscious mind. He was telling me he was my omen guide. I was to enter the realm of the Creator’s Magical kingdoms at once. He assured me he would be ever near me to help show me the Way on the path ahead of me.

He became frantically active just above Lake Wisdom. He wanted me to see something about the water as I can almost hear and understand him. But mostly it’s vibration sound, not yet ideas. Soon. I’ll crack that language barrier code soon.

I looked down concentrating with gentle intention into the water of wisdom. All of a sudden I saw things I’d never seen before. The water began to shimmer and vibrate.I stood on the bank, wondering if I could feel this shimmering. I couldn’t unless I walked in. I looked again and saw it was Life that was teeming in there. Creatures and living things I’d never realized were there. It was as if I could see into other concurrent dimensions and yet still remain where I was. An odd feeling. A huge revelation. I looked again.

What I thought at first was a smooth clear lake, was not what it appeared to be. There was constant motion in the calmness. The water was rippling in waves about one inch apart. There must be an underground spring that’s vibrating the still waters into thousands of glass ripples. The idea that there was only ONE current was also askew. Paying closer attention to Creation allowed me to see there were many different currents blowing the pulsing ripples in all directions at once, thus giving the water the Illusion of stillness. The dragonfly revealed much to me. I allowed it.

It was at this point I crossed over the swinging footbridge of reality and came to a major Life Lesson conclusion. I decided I’d hesitated enough. I know this cove is magical. I know the Harbor is safe. I know I’ve found this Inlet because it’s mystical and my entry point into merging with Beyond.

Shedding my last vestiges of my old unfamiliar clothing (lưới bảo vệ cầu thang), I drew breath from a Harbor breeze. I glided into Lake Wisdom at the Mystic Inlet in the Cove of the Safe Harbor. I’ve done it. I’ve joined the Ancients that inhabited this secret place centuries before me.

The water feels like cold mercury. It’s purer than anything in my past experiences. I’m not comfortable being in here all alone. Fear tries to grip my heart. It floated in on a current.The Lilies block Fears hold. I’m grateful. The dragonfly appears and hovers near me darting back and forth trying to pull me out into deeper waters, where I can do more than side-stroke in the shallows. I know what he wants.

I know I’ll go farther, but not today. I can feel my heart growing faint. I can feel seaweed start to tangle in my legs. I want to enter this Water of New Life Choice fully prepared. I’ll come again tomorrow. How I wish I weren’t alone. Perhaps I’m not.

There is much for my master wizard and shaman teacher to show me. I have much to learn. I’m now ready.

The End

write by Cleopatra

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